Sometimes when the intentions is right and the passion to create exists, magic happens. Such is the case with Distinctive Jewelz. It all began as an idea in 2004; when Sherine (the owner and designer) began crafting her own jewelry and her mastery in freehand gave her unique ideas for becoming a self-taught jeweler. 
Today, Distinctive Jewelz is a Mother-Daughter team based in California. Together, they strive to encourage and help eachother grow through the arts of jewelry-making.
Their esthetic is distinctive; balancing colors, shapes, fabrics, upcycled materials and even mixing metals and stones to create pieces to pass down from families, friendships and even generations. 
Throughout the year they work with different charities, where portions of their sales are donated to foster the mother-daughter relationship through an ongoing commitment to philantropy and increase self-confidence among women leaders and young creative girls.
Distinctive Jewelz exists to accessorize beauty and create everlasting memories and bonds between Mothers and Daughters.